The Machine that was build to destroy the competition . The FORD GT40


The new Ford GT 40 was build purely one thing in mind that is to race in the 2016 Le Mans to celebrate 50 years of the GT40 taking 1st,2nd and 3rd position in the 1967 24hrs Le Mans race beating the Ferrari’s after Enzo Ferrari almost giving the finger on Ford’s intention of buying Ferrari. One of the reason was Enzo Ferrari still wanted to be in charged of the Ferrari Motorsports Division after the buyout but Ford Motor Company had no intention to have Enzo around so during the meeting with Ford’s top management in Maranello,Enzo coolly stood up and told his assistant let’s have some lunch leaving the Ford team in a lurch.That didn’t go well with the owner’s of Ford and so the legendary GT40 which was based on a Lola was created to beat the Ferrari’s at any cost in Le Mans.Which they did.


Ford spectacular 1,2,3rd finish at the 1967 Le Mans .



Fast forward 50 years the people at Ford decided to go at it again and in 2016 Ford build the new GT40 and race it and won in Le Mans beating the Ferrari’s yet again with a 1,3 podium finish,Ferrari came in 2nd and it all happened in just 6 months. Now that is something amazing since the Le Mans is gruelling 24hr race where most of the factory team which raced and win in Le Mans are teams who spend 6 to 10 years to develop the right combination between men and machine to race in Le Mans. But Ford did it in just 6 months where it all started from a rendering and dream specially for one man by the name of Raj Nair who was the executive vice president and president of North America for Ford and he was the forefront man of the 2017 GT40 secret project.


The Ford GT40 crossing the chequered flag to claim its number 1 position,celebrating their 50 years anniversary in spectacular style in the 2016 Le Mans.

The feed that Ford achieved is a mighty impressive one, to be back after 50 years and winning the Le Mans on their first try.


The newly released documentary . I enjoyed it .